Civil Engineering Education under coronavirus

In one sense, this is nothing new. I’ve deliberately used ‘coronavirus’ rather than ‘Covid-19’ in the title, as a reminder that we have had the common cold forever. We keep getting it, it’s difficult to avoid, and immunity doesn’t last. It’s looking likely that immunity from Covid-19 won’t last either. This could mean we allContinue reading “Civil Engineering Education under coronavirus”

Sketching for Civil and Structural Engineers

This paper was originally written for publication by Paul McCombie and Nick Winn. After wasting time with two academic journals, we made the decision that direct publication on a free-to-view web site is a much more effective way of making the findings available to all those who might be interested. We would encourage everyone elseContinue reading “Sketching for Civil and Structural Engineers”

The 2019 ACED Conference, 7-8 November, Coventry University

Assessment and Project-based learning: Sustainability, Ethics and Professionalism. We have discussed these subjects before at conferences, but the environment is constantly changing, making some things easier and others more difficult. At the same time, the Joint Board of Moderators, which accredits civil, structural and highway engineering degrees on behalf of the professional institutions, has beenContinue reading “The 2019 ACED Conference, 7-8 November, Coventry University”

Introducing Civ-Eng-Ed

I’m Paul McCombie, I’ve worked in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath for nearly thirty years – and retired at the end of August 2019. I’ve been working with the Association of Civil Engineering Departments (ACED), and I’m continuing this following my retirement. Having retired from Bath, I’m moreContinue reading “Introducing Civ-Eng-Ed”