Introducing Civ-Eng-Ed

I’m Paul McCombie, I’ve worked in the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the University of Bath for nearly thirty years – and retired at the end of August 2019. I’ve been working with the Association of Civil Engineering Departments (ACED), and I’m continuing this following my retirement. Having retired from Bath, I’m more than ever working for civil engineering education everywhere. As I was writing my notes at the recent ACED conference, it struck me that I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. It was a good conference, there were lots of good talks, which stimulated even more good ideas. These need to be shared!

Over the next few days I’ll produce brief summaries of the main points to be taken from each of the excellent talks and discussions we had, and provide relevant links. There’ll also be space for comments, and if anyone involved would like to add anything then please let me know.

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One thought on “Introducing Civ-Eng-Ed

  1. Dear Paul, it is an excellent intiative by you for the benefit of many in the academia and industry.

    Kind Regards
    Rajavel Inbarajan
    MIStructE, DIC, MSc, BE

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